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CH Flight Simulator Pedals
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The CH flight simulator pedals are the best tools for practicing specific handling and general instrument flying techniques. Most of the flight sim enthusiasts feel that adding a set of pedals to their system is indispensable. The pedals are primarily used to control aircraft yaw. The CH flight Simulator pedals can make taxiing much easier than with the help of keys as it allows toe-brake control function.

One of the most popular pedals is the CH Products Pro Pedals. You have to just plug in these pedals into your computer's USB port and it is automatically accepted as one of the fully supported FS2004 controllers.

The CH flight Simulator pedals are considered as the best flight simulator controls in the business. The CH Pro Pedals USB version always offers you an edge – giving control over both the toe brakes and the rudder pedals; this makes taxiing effortless.

Features Of CH Flight Pedals

The CH flight sim pedals are superior quality realistic, durable and accurate foot pedals that make flight simulation programs and games great fun. These are mounted on the rugged base that have sliding motion to provide rudder input for the 'yaw' axis, providing finer control. The pedals also feature large heel cups with non-slip rubber pads to support the feet and differential toe breaks.

For greater stability, it is fitted with a non-slip rubber base; it also has a 7ft cable with a connector to the yoke or joystick (whichever you use). The CH flight simulator pedals are rendered special because of their precise mechanics and they are long lasting. Moreover, it is compatible with Microsoft Flight Sim 2000, 2002 & 2004.

The three-axis controller provided in CH flight pedals can be used for flight simulations as well as driving simulation games. However, the real purpose of CH flight Simulator pedals is to support flight simulations. The three-axis product can also be mapped to rudder controls. The pedals are flexible – they go up and down, forward and backward and that gives you greater control over the yaw.

CH Flight Sim Pedals In Use

The CH flight pedals can make your flying experience virtually real and thrilling. It is only after mastering the controls of rudder and toe-brakes that you would be able to enjoy flight sim games. However, CH Products Pro Pedals USB resolves this trouble with aplomb, adding to the pragmatism as well as fun of flight. While flying, the CH flight Simulator pedals help you to control both the yaw and pitch of the aircraft through the three-axis rudder control.

The CH flight Simulator pedals are the latest additions, which allows you the opportunity to enjoy the added realism and feel in your favorite flight simulation games.

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