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Scenic Airlines is a premiere aerial tour company that offers great trips for individuals who want to see the Grand Canyon from the sky. The Scenic airline tours run from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and provide visitors with something adventurous and unique to do while visiting the West Coast.

Scenic Airlines provides tourists with a variety of options to choose from, including airplane tours, helicopter tours and Hoover Damn tours. They offer many different tours, all providing added elements to make the client's experience suited to their needs. For example, the Grand Canyon air tour called the Grand Voyager/ LI-5N which goes to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon includes added features such as boat excursions that allow tourists to view the beauty of the Colorado River up close, a Helicopter ride which brings passengers from the top of the canyon, down 4,000 feet to the floor, and also provides a Hualapai Indian guided tour. After all of this, the passengers fly back to Las Vegas on a premiere fixed-winged airplane from Scenic airlines fleet.

Another Grand Canyon tour option is the Grand Canyon Deluxe overnight tour to the South Rim from Las Vegas. This tour provides passengers with an overnight stay after an eventful day of seeing Lake Mead, a Hoover Dam tour and seeing the west rim of the Canyon by boat, helicopter, and plane. The trip includes a one-night hotel stay and the chance to see a beautiful Grand Canyon sunset in the summer or a Grand Canyon sunrise in the winter.

All of Grand Canyon sightseeing tours are hosted on airplanes that are specially designed with the passenger's in mind. The planes used for the Grand Canyon air tours have large, oversized windows perfect for sightseeing and panoramic views. The wings are also set high on the planes so that none of the seats have an obscured vision. No other aerial tour company provides planes with both oversized windows and high-set wings, making the Scenic Airline Tours the best around. Another incentive to take this wonderful trip is that kids fly free! The people at Scenic know what a wonderful experience seeing the Grand Canyon as a family can be. To help promote this, Scenic Airlines provide a free kids ticket for every adult ticket purchased.

With everything that the Scenic has to offer, it is clearly an experience that no one should miss.

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