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Flying and constructing rc airplanes is a very popular hobby nowadays. The rc airplanes are usually available in many kits. There are many rc airplane kits depending on the choices of the hobbyists.

Ready To Fly (RTF) Kits: The ready to fly airplanes come as pre-assembled kits that just require wing attachment or other basic assembling. The kit typically has everything ready that is needed to fly a plane. The RTF airplanes can fly in the air in just a few minutes. Popular brands of RTF rc airplane kits include Great Planes, Hobbico, E-Flite, Hangar 9, Grand Wing Servo-Tech, HobbyZone, Airhogs and ParkZone.

Almost Ready to Fly (or ARF or ARTF) Kits: There kits are similar to the Ready To Fly (RTF) Kit, but require more assembling than mere basic assembling. An average ARF airplane can be built and assembled in little less than 4 hours. The kits normally come with already constructed fuselage and appendages. The ARF kits usually require separate purchase and installation of servos, choice of motor (gas, or electric), speed controller (electric) and occasionally control rods. This is the major advantage of the ARF kits over the RTF kits, as most of the hobbyists already own their equipment of choice, and only need an airframe. Popular brands of ARF rc airplane kits include Carl Goldberg Products, Great Planes, and Sig Manufacturing.

Balsa Kits: Balsa rc airplane kits come in many sizes and skill levels. The kits usually contain the balsa wood either cut with a die-cut or laser. Thought little costlier, the laser cut kits have a much more precise construction and much tighter tolerances. Die-cut kits can work and can be made to look fine by a little sanding, cutting and use of basic woodworking principles. Balsa kits usually contain most of the raw material needed for an unassembled plane. The kits come with a set of assembly instructions; however they do not include necessary tools, which have to be purchased separately.

Plastic Kits: These are the kits that come with the fuselage and wings in a plastic-like covering. Some of the kits with heat-curing plastic films ("heat shrink covering" or "solarfilm") that can be adhere to the frame of a plane. The plastic covering is durable and strengthens the plane. There are many varieties of heat shrinkable coverings available.

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