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Autogyro was invented by Juan de la Cierva y Codorniu, a Spanish civil engineer and pilot in 1919. The first successful flight of the autogyro was made on January 9, 1923 at Cuatro Vientos Airfield in Madrid, Spain. An autogyro is a rotorcraft flying machine, which is supported by lift provided by a rotor – rotating horizontal wings or blades.

The rotors of autogyros are driven by aerodynamic forces alone once they are up in flight, and thrust is provided by engine-powered propellers similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft. Autogyros are a distinct type of flying machines; they are not hybrid between fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Autogyros are also known as gyroplanes, gyrocopters, rotaplanes, or autogiros.

Flying and assembling the rc autogyros is growing as popular hobby nowadays. The rc autogyros are radio controlled autogyros. Equipped with receivers and transmitters, the rc autogyros are flown and controlled using radio control with hand-held transmitters and receivers within rc autogyros. The receivers in rc autogyros control the corresponding servomechanisms, which move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitters that in turn directs the rc autogyros.

The rc autogyros are either powered by fuel or by batteries. The fuel powered rc autogyros have glow plug engines and usually use methanol, or gasoline, or nitromethane, or oil mixture as fuel. The battery powered rc autogyros are equipped with high performance electric batteries. These rc autogyros are often termed as electric rc autogyros or electric powered rc autogyros.

The rc autogyros are basically meant for the expert fliers. It requires expert skills to fly and control rc autogyros. The beginners may develop their skill flying park flyers and trainers, before getting on to rc autogyros. The electric rc autogyros are best option for the beginner hobbyists. The electric rc autogyros are easy to maintain as compared to gas powered rc autogyros.

There is a wide range of preassembled ready to fly rc autogiro kits available on the market. The hobby level rc autogyros are available in ready to fly kits and almost ready to fly kits. The rc autogyros can be purchased online. There are many online rc toy stores selling rc autogyros online, but these wonderful machines should be purchased from reliable stores.

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